About Us


The Kingston Power and Sail (KPS) is an organization comprised of over 250 boating and sailing enthusiasts who promote safer, responsibile and, as a result, more enjoyable recreational boating in the Kingston Ontario area.

What do we do

KPS encourages and facilitates safer boating and sailing by:

  • Offering interesting and valuable educational safer boating programs and seminars (see Courses and Seminars)
  • Providing free In-water boat check of the safety equipment required by Transport Canada to be carried (see RVCC)
  • Supporting sailors and boaters, especially new recreational vessel owners, to become more knowledgeable, experienced and confident with their boats


KPSS is part of the national not-for-profit Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons or Escadrilles canadiennes plaisance (CPS-ECP) that promotes safe and responsible boating and sailing across Canada.  Members of KPS are members of CPS-ECP and enjoy the many benefits of membership for a very affordable fee. If you would like to become a member, all you need is a PCOC, or have completed one CPS-ECP Course.  Please contact the national office in Toronto. Call 1-888-277-2628.